The new tourism

Digital marketing is increasingly displacing traditional measures and channels in the tourism product market. This is a trend that began before the global crisis with COVID-19, gained new momentum in this unprecedented period and with all the signs to continue to occupy new territories in the post-pandemic world.

The Pirin Tourism Forum is an organization that has implemented numerous marketing initiatives in favor of tourism in Southwestern Bulgaria for its nearly 25 years of existence, including training for local businesses and other stakeholders. The new market situation requires flexibility, adaptation and rapid acquisition of digital knowledge and skills in marketing, or so-called e-marketing. The organization strives to keep pace with new trends and to offer modern expertise to its members, partners and supporters.

How to plan a website? How to optimize for search engines? How to choose social media and how to build and maintain a profile in it? How to develop a virtual tour? How do you work with travel bloggers and vloggers? And many more new knowledge and skills that we need to develop … Take a look here: Softuni Digital, Superhosting, Manya the Tourist, Bulgaria Travel and many others.