Cross-Border Fun Center

June 2017 – August 2018

Funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Interreg – IPA Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2014 – 2020

Project budget: 107337.45 EUR

Territorial range: Balgoevgrad District, Bulgaria, and Southeast Planning Region, Macedonia

Partners: Pirin Tourism Forum and Environmental Association Planetum – Strumica

Goal: Stimulate tourism as a realistic long-term alternative for the cross-border area between Bulgaria and Macedonia.


Under the project, the partners organized a research and selection of 10 mini-destinations or ‘knots’ from Blagoevgrad District in Bulgaria and the Southeast Planning Region in Macedonia. Their representatives became the first members of the Cross-Border Fun Center Network which held 10 work meetings in the period of January-May 2018, one in each of the ‘knots’. The purpose was to evaluate the tourism resources and current tourism supply in the destinations and prepare new attractive and modern tourist offers.

As a result, the network developed three group offers – Culinary Week-ends, Architectural Week-ends and Botanic Week-ends (May – August 2018). Their marketing will be secured via the web-portal at:

In order to promote the new offer, promotional flyers, stickers and magnets have been produced for the 10 destinations, as well as a Small Visitors’ Book where guests will be able to get stamps at every visited ‘knot’ and get discounts and presents for their next visits to other destinations..