Marketing the Sustainable Tourism Destination of Belasitsa

The project: is implemented by the Pirin Tourism Forum in partnership with the Environmental Association Planetum – Strumica. Funding is provided by the PHARE 2005 Programme: Sustainable Development Grant Scheme (Republic of Bulgaria and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); budget line BG 2005/017-456.01-03.

Project duration: March 2008 – August 2009

Project budget: 75 250 EUR of which 67725 provided by EC and 7525 provided by the PTF

Project scope: The territories of Petrich Municipality from the Bulgarian part and of Strumica Municipality from the Macedonian part

Project target groups:

  • Local accommodation providers from the settlements around Belasitsa Mountain in Bulgaria and Macedonia – 10 people as members of the Working Group that will develop the Tourism Marketing Strategy and 40 more to be informed and consulted;
  • Representatives of local administrations of Petrich and Strumica, related to tourism/economic development – 4 people in Working Group and at least 10-15 more informed and consulted;
  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations from the areas of Petrich and Strumica – 4 people in Working Group and at least 10 more informed and consulted;
  • Other local providers of tourism services from the area of Belasitsa in Bulgaria and Macedonia – 6 people in Working Group and up to 20 more informed and consulted.

Project objectives:

Overall objective(s):

  • Contribute to the development of Belasitsa as a destination for sustainable tourism.

Specific objective:

  • Secure the successful marketing/sales of all sustainable tourism services and initiatives developed in the past two years.
  • Guarantee the development of Belasitsa as a whole tourism destination through cross-border cooperation among tourism stakeholders at various levels.


  1. Formation of a Working Group to elaborate the Tourism Marketing Strategy for Belasitsa;
  2. Training of the Working Group;
  3. Definition of the tourism product;
  4. Definition of target markets;
  5. Positioning of the tourism product;
  6. Pricing of the tourism product;
  7. Promotion of the tourism product;
  8. Development of a Web-portal in support of the Marketing Strategy
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Results include:

Working Group of 24 people from the Bulgarian and Macedonian regions of Belasitsa Mountain formed and trained in tourism marketing. Tourism Marketing Strategy for Belasitsa produced consisting of the following parts: sustainable tourism product; potential target markets; common brand; common pricing policy; marketing tools and measures. 4000 copies of an image brochure for Belasitsa, 8000 posters, 10000 stickers with plants and animals from Belasitsa, 8000 calendars with views from Belasitsa and 2000 copies of image leaflet presenting the Tourism Marketing Strategy of Belasitsa published and disseminated. Tourist Web-Portal for Belasitsa developed.