PTF Strenghtening

In the period April 1997 – March 2001, with the financial support of the British Know How Fund, the PTF established itself as the regional tourism board of Southwest Bulgaria, building the image of a reliable partner and an innovator by accomplishing a series of pilot initiatives in Bulgaria.

Track record of achievements:

  • Developing the parameters for the National Tourism Information System – SMARTINFO – to be used by the Ministry of Economics and all local and regional tourist organizations in Bulgaria;
  • Preparing a Tourism Information Provision Strategy for the Pirin region, including information materials, signing, interpretative panels, information centers and points, etc.;
  • Publishing a pilot information series ‘Explore the Pirin Region’ comprising 10 leaflets about the municipalities in the area and a ‘Where to Stay’ directory of accommodation establishments;
  • Presenting the Pirin region at national tourism fairs and publishing a periodical newsletter with detailed information on tourism opportunities in the region;
  • Organizing a familiarization trip around the area for Bulgarian tour operators and journalists from the central media;
  • Identifying and signing short circular walks near established tourist locations in the region;
  • Publishing a promotional package for the Pirin region including 12 leaflets about Pirin municipalities and the Pirin National Park, regional image brochure and leaflet, a folder and a poster;
  • Presenting the Pirin region in Internet;
  • Organizing training workshops for guides and representatives of the tourism business in the region and for the improvement of services and standards in local tourism; and
  • Developing design and advertisement services to the tourism business and the NGO sector through the trading company of the PTF.